The programs of the Health Promoters are making a difference!


For some years we have been supporting various social projects in South Africa. In the context of our new African Wines and the resulting collaboration with Health Promoters, we visited a number of projects in January this year.

Workshop in Khayelitsha

First we visited the township Khayelitsha together with CEO of Health Promotion South Africa Trust (HPSA) George Arrey, a great and passionate director! There we were allowed to participate in a workshop “Hygiene”. Hats off for the ladies, who accompany this. In a good, an interactive way they give the trainees handles and teach them applicable knowledge. So no vague information, but practical and feasible information and tips. It is, of course, a shame that what we find so normal in the western world, water, soap, electricity, is not always available here. Also expensive cleaning products cannot be bought. But with simple, often old-fashioned remedies, the women are helped to learn and to carry out much-needed hygiene activities.


Collaborate for the communities

We then also visited the projects in Mfuleni and Kayamandi. Visiting a school gave us a good impression of what the Health Promoters mean for the communities. You will feel the passion and the commitment of the people of Health Promoters at every project! It is also nice that there is intensive cooperation with other initiatives, like orphanages, sports clubs, childcare, schools, etc. We saw that there is a better cost control, instead of spending money on expensive buildings and other money-consuming cases, it goes straight now to the people who need it!


Support the Health Promoters!

We are particularly impressed by the work that the Health Promoters are doing and we are very happy that we can support their beautiful work with African Wines! Thanks to everyone for their incredible hospitably!


Belinda & Damiano.