PERSS RELEASE, Albert Schweitzer – An Adventurer for Humanity

Praise for Albert Schweitzer – An Adventurer for Humanity  by Harold E. Robles

“The contributions of Albert Schweitzer did not end with his death. The inspiration of his work will ripple on through mentees, generation after generation, for as long as humanity exists. Reading Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s book Out of My Life and Thought while in a body cast at age fifteen not only helped me to develop a life philosophy—it also kindled an interest in both medicine and Africa.

I welcome the re-publication of Albert Schweitzer: An Adventurer for Humanity by my dear friend Harold Robles, an exemplar of Dr. Schweitzer’s concept of Reverence for Life. Harold has been a blessing for a new generation.”

Dr. William Foege, recipient of the first Thomas Francis, Jr. Medal in Global Public Health, pioneered a successful strategy to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s. He is the former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Carter Center, and is a senior advisor to Bill and Melinda Gates. In 2012, President Barack Obama honored Dr. Foege with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



Albert Schweitzer – An Adventurer for Humanity  by Harold E. Robles

Dr. Albert Schweitzer was one of the greatest humanitarians the world has ever known. This biography for young readers chronicles his long life and accomplished career. Generously illustrated with rare photographs, Albert Schweitzer: An Adventurer for Humanity takes readers through young Albert’s early years in Germany. We learn of his love of music, and of the studies in theology and philosophy that informed his decision to devote the rest of his life to serving humanity. It was this decision that led to his renowned humanitarian work in Africa, including his building of a hospital at the river mission in Lambaréné.

It was while traveling down the Ogowe River in Africa that Albert had a powerful insight that shone brightly throughout his later years: “Reverence for Life.” This idea led him to become a champion of world peace and human and animal rights.

Today hospitals throughout the world bear Albert Schweitzer’s name in recognition of his immense contribution to humanity, and his work continues to inspire new generations. The life of Albert Schweitzer serves as an example not just of what one person can do, but of how all of us can contribute our own light to help make the world a better place.

Author Dr. Harold E. Robles is well known for his international humanitarian work, including the creation of Health Promotion South Africa Trust (HPSA). He has worked with world leaders and human-rights activists from around the globe, including Desmond Tutu, U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter and  Bill Clinton and the former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.

In November 2016 President Barack Obama honored Dr. Robles and HPSA.

Contains, index, photos, bibliography/further reading, and chronology.


DEDICATION To the children of the World

To the children of the World, in particular my grandsons, Luca and Nico Robles, and my “bonus” grandsons, Harun and Tarik Ozturk. May they find in the story of this great man a role model, held in high esteem, just as I did so many years ago. And for my grandsons who I love dearly; I hope that they will come to understand the reason their Opa missed out on watching them grow up.


Afterword: Harold Robles & the Power of Albert Schweitzer’s Example, by Christian Will