Miss South Africa Netherlands – Youth Ambassador

We would like to introduce you to our first Youth Ambassador Nkazie-zimmie Dwezekile. Also known as ‘Nonka’. Nonka was born in the township Colosa in South Africa. She now lives in the Netherlands and studies in Belgium.Last year she participated in the Miss South Africa Netherlands pageant, and won!

Who is Nonka
Nonka is a beautiful young lady of 24, who moved to the Netherlands at the age of 6 together with her Mother and Dutch partner hoping to find a better future.Nonka is a mature young woman, who experienced a lot of things in her young llife.

What is important for Nonka?
Nonka: ‘I chose to see the positive side in everything. My belief had taught me that and my African/Dutch upbringing has played a big role in this as well. Why do we do the things we do and what makes ‘’me’’ and ‘’you’’? I hope in the future I will be able to help other people with this’.

Nonka is studying applied psychology in Antwerp. Because, she wants to understand human beings better.

And from now on she is not only Miss South Africa Netherlands, she is also the first Youth Ambassador of the Health Promoters! We welcome Nonka with open arms to our team, because she knows how important our work is. She represents the story of the Health Promoters.

Nonka is proud to carry the title of ambassador: ‘The Health Promoters educate local people, who are able to educate others. And that is what it is all about for me. Helping each other! Without each other, what will you be able to do?’