#lifechanginghealtheducation (LCHE)

The idea behind #LifeChangingHealthEducation started as part of a minor / research project of three students from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht/Netherlands.
These three young Dutch women were very curious about the stories behind the organization.
Health Promoters is doing very well and the participants come from far and wide to attend the workshops.
How did the many workshops influence their lives?


Asenathi – 13 Years: ” My body changes and because of extra hair and the smell I have to wash myself, I also go and wash my pants.” #lifechanginghealtheducation



Ongezha – 13 years: “When you’re 13 you start having periods, that means you can have babies. But you should wait until you’re 21 (that is still young) or until you’ve finished education before you have babies.”  #lifechanginghealtheducation



Lokhikha – 13 years: “The Health Promoters are teaching us about issues like “body changings”, this is important so we now know how to take better care of ourself. ” #lifechanginghealtheducation




Somila  13 years: “People change when they hit puberty. Boys have lower voices and hair, and pimples start coming out. So it is important to stay clean.” #lifechanginghealtheducation



Milisa – 13 years: ” When your body changes, you can go to an adult to talk about it. When girls start their periods, they should talk about it.” #lifechanginghealtheducation



Lwando – 12 years : ” You should never go in the streets or to shops wearing your pyjamas. You should wash your clothes. Also, if somebody smells, it is important to tell them in private.” #lifechanginghealtheducation



Mbali 13 years:  “I learnt to take care of myself. You should wash yourself, clean your house. Not only for someone else but for yourself. So I wash myself every day and clean my room every day.” #lifechanginghealtheducation


Tendai, 12 years:  “Washing is very important to me because you need to take care of yourself – just for yourself.” #lifechanginghealtheducation




Phumla Jacob, 55 years: “Even though I’ve just been here for 2 weeks, I learnt already about the benefit of food. But I want follow up. I’m never too old to learn!” #lifechanginghealtheducation 



Nlcebakazi, 34 years: “I didn’t know about for instance dehydration and first aid, or how to keep the different parts of my body healthy. Health Promoters taught me well.” #lifechanginghealtheducation 




Babalwa, 21 years: “Even though I only had 3 classes yet, it helped so much in learning about sicknesses. I do cover my food and keep my house clean now. That’s how it changed me.” #lifechanginghealtheducation




Elam Sam -26 years: “I see the importance of fruit and vegetables now. I learn so much, and I want to keep on learning. I will definitely attend other courses from Health Promoters as well!”  #lifechanginghealtheducation




Xilisa Ngalimane, 23 years: “I learned to eat healthy and why that is important. If I don’t want to get sick, I need to eat good food. I can only say, Thank you so much Health Promoters.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Lilitha – 13: ” Thanks to the Health Promoter I now know how to look after myself. I love when the Health Promoters come to our school.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Nombaniso Runqa, 25 years: told us with passion about the work of Health Promoters: “I finally know what I should or shouldn’t do, what I should or shouldn’t eat and what I should or shouldn’t use. Health Promoters brings light in my life.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation



Likhona, 13 years: ” I learnt that your body changes when you grow up, and that boys get a certain attitude. Now I know what changes.”  #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Nomzamo Mabuya, 33 year: “Health Promoters brought a change in my life. I thought I knew, but I didn’t. I learnt to respect my body because my body is important.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Thokozile Vilakazi, 28 year: “Health Promoters helped me to see that I can now help those who can’t help themselves.”  #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Tungai 13 years: “You must bath so that you don’t smell. It is important that you don’t stick and that you always wash yourself and your clothes, so that you don’t embarrass other people.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Thina Nyembezi, 26 years appreciates having Health Promoters in her life: “I understand so much more about health now. I can help older people stay healthy and I can tell other people about the dangers of a wrong diet or alcohol abuse, it helps me and my community a lot.”  #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Khanyisa – 13 years: “I learnt so much about hygiene. Many thanks to the Health Promoters for being part of our education at school.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Hilda Makubelo – 50 years: “When people with diarrhea go to the clinic and don’t have money, I can teach them how to make the mixture for hydration. Also I learnt it is important to have one partner so you don’t spread HIV.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Zikhona Maku – 35 years: “HPSA is hope. I learnt about many things – HIV, TB, diet, healthy lifestyle – and that if you go to a doctor, you should always follow up on what he says. Also HIV is a family crisis because no one talks about it. But now there is hope because of HPSA. In the community, I’m a light.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Zoleka Mbali – 38 years: “I can teach the community about a healthy lifestyle, and how to deal with diseases, thanks to the Health Promoters.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation



This is Shameka, she is 32 years old and lives in Kayelitsha. ”I learned about cancer, I didn’t know about it before. But today I learn a lot, because I know now that you must go to the clinic to see what is going on to you. So the Health Promoters told us everything about cervical cancer. #Lifechanginghealtheducation





This is Yandiswa, she is 32 years old. She told us how the Health Promoters changed her way of living. How she can use her knowledge to prevent illnesses and diseases in her family. How she lives healthier and she spread this knowledge with the people around her. Her knowledge, gives her self convidence.  #Lifechanginghealtheducation




This is Khalimashe, she is 27 years of age. At the moment she is
living in the biggest township of Cape Town, this township has 2.4 million inhabitants. A few weeks ago, she started to follow the workshops of the Health Promoters. Before the workshops, she knew nothing about health care. Because of the Health Education, she is able to make a difference in her family and community. ”Health Promoters benefits my whole family”. #Lifechanginghealtheducation





This is Nokuzola, 39 years old. She says: ”I learned a lot about hygiene and about how to prevent diseases. I can help my neighbours with first aid and I know how to protect my children now.”



This is Siphokazi, 29 years old. ”I didn’t know about hygiene or a healthy lifestyle before. Health Promoters taught me things I didn’t know. I go to the gym now and eat healthy food, and I can help children to not play with dirty toys”.#Lifechanginghealtheducation





This is Pumesa, 38 years old. Health Promoters is very important to her: ”People are sick outside, so I need to help them. I feel responsible for the community and myself”. #Lifechanginghealtheducation 




This is Lobola Zikhona, 25 years old. “I received my basic health education certificate today at Health Promoters. I am so happy that I completed the workshops. Now I am equipped, I can take better care of my health and with this certificate I can maybe find a job”#Lifechanginghealtheducation





This is Bulelwa Mene, with her basic health certificate of the health Promoters she got herself a job as a home care giver.
Home care givers advise their patients on diseases that are covered in our workshops #Lifechanginghealtheducation 




Nombasa Jongwana, 39, says: “I learnt so much! I always tell people, but now I can explain why it is important to stop smoking or not drink too much alcohol. I’ve been in a tunnel, but at least now I can see the light.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation 





This is Zikhona Seti, 32: “I learnt anything from the importance of exercise to first aid. I bought a jumping rope for the kids to exercise and I always tell people to wash their hands – that is very important.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation





Victoria, 38, works for Baphumulele, an orphanage with which HPSA partners. She was accepted there because of her certificate from HPSA. She says: “Working with the kids, I know now how to take care of them, to keep them healthy.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation



Molebohelg Makaka, 34 and Vuyokazi Mqushulu, 48: Both work for Baphumulele, as chefs in the kitchen. They say: “Health Promoters has helped us a lot to cook healthy for all these kids. not only us, but all the children benefit of our knowledge.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation






Ntomboxolo Velem (42 years) : ‘With my Health Promoters Certificate I can now work at the Children’s home of Baphumelele, a dream come true’ #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Andiswa Botya – 30: ” I live in a communal hall with 50 other people. So I teach everybody how to keep the hall clean. Now we don’t have rats anymore because people clean the house.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation





Pnakama Velem – 26 years: ” I now can take much better care of my children, with my certificate in Basic Health Education which I obtained from the Health Promoters. Many thanks to the many donors who are making this possible.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation




Unathi Royin (24 years) – ‘Thanks to the Health Promoters I am now able to tell the people around me how to eat healthier. Thank you Health Promoters for being their when I needed you’ #Lifechanginghealtheducation






Nothazole Melamare – 34 years: ” I learnt how to prevent children from having diarrhoea, and if they have, how to make a mixture to hydrate them again. I learnt to recognize the signals and to teach the community the same. Thank you so much Health Promoters”#Lifechanginghealtheducation




Mombulelo Sidubulekana – 29 years: “My father is diabetic, but now I know how to take care of him. He asks me where I learnt it and I tell about Health Promoters. Even when I’m away he calls me sometimes and I can tell him what to do. I feel stronger now because I know about it.” #Lifechanginghealtheducation