The idea behind #LifeChangingHealthEducation started as part of a minor / research project by three students connected to the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht.
These three young Dutch women were particularly curious about the stories behind the organization.
Health Promoters are doing very well and the participants come from far and wide to attend the workshops.
How have the many workshops influenced their lives?
That’s how their curiosity created #LifeChangingHealthEducation.


Nomfundiso Makhosi: ‘With the Health Promoters I learned more about health. With the things I learned I know how to help people in the community and my own child. For example: I didn’t know it was important to always wash your hands to keep clean. Like before eating and after going to the bathroom.’





Unethi Mekeleni: ‘Later, I want to be a nurse. Thanks to the Health Promoters I learned a lot about how to treat patients when they are diabetic, have hypertension and also about hygiene. This is an important step for me to become a nurse.’






Thelela Phike: ‘The Health Promoters brought me a lot. I have gained a lot of information I didn’t know. Especially hygiene. I didn’t know that it was so important, and prevention is better than cure. I tell all my friends what I have learned so I can help them.’






Nolubabalo Seti: ‘I have learned how to keep the body healthy. I have learned how a virus develops in your body. I didn’t know that, now I know how to prevent that from happening. My body is very important to me. Now I know how to keep it healthy.’






Mntumtum Zanne Promse: ‘Ever since I came to the Health Promoters, I did things differently. For instance, I never ate breakfast. I would just leave my home without it. Now I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can helppeople with the information I’ve learned. One of my good friends is overweight, I advised her to go to a clinic and it turned out she has high blood pressure. I’m happy that I could help her.





Yolanda Jara:’ I now know how important it is to keep your house clean. Before, I knew nothing about germs. I didn’t know that when someone in the house was sick, it can be easily spread and that is dangerous. It is really important to me to keep my family healthy.’






Thembaleihu Tshangane:’ I never ate much fruit or vegetables. And when I did, I didn’t know how to prepare them in a clean way. I didn’t know that it could make me sick if I didn’t eat any or didn’t prepare it well. I can prepare healthy and clean food now. ‘