Friends of the Health Promoters Australia

Miss Tamara Parker
Chair, Health Promoters Australia

Introduction of the Friends of the Health Promoters Australia

In the early years of my life I met someone who turned out to have a tremendous impact on my life. This person turned out to be my hero and the soul purpose for the creation of Friends of Health Promoters Australia.
When we met, I was a young girl with little worldly understanding outside my own household. However we both had something in common…we are both consumed by the idea of helping others.

I am mesmerised by the works of this person and their positive energy. My young mind immediately became infatuated with the concept of what else was going on in the world outside of my own selfish realm of mundane day-to-day. I had a feeling deep in my heart that this person would be a strong force in my life. I have been proven correct as this very person has brought me to the Health Promoters today.

A dear friend

Harold Robles is my dearest friend and it is because of him that I am able to take on this venture. For many years we have brainstormed the idea of beginning a Friends of Health Promoters in Australia. The fire in my heart only grew stronger for getting involved, it never really seemed like the right time. In 2016, as I neared the end of my studies, I had this great desire deep inside me to get involved and do my part. As Max Lucado once famously said, “Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something.” I believe this is my something and together the Health Promoters can get the people of Australia to make it their something too!


The primary mission of Friends of the Health Promoters Australia is to promote and raise funds for the mission of Health Promotion South Africa Trust. With digital marketing, partnerships and hopefully some exciting new takes on fundraising. We hope to expand awareness on the issue Health Promoters are tackling and eliminate the stigma associated with giving to non-profit organisations. We aim to involve a younger demographic of people with more disposable income through utilising the potency of social media and events to make Health Promoters the topic of conversation with the digital-sphere.
I have such a great vision for where we can take Friends of the Health Promoters Australia and I can hardly wait to work alongside such wonderful people with likeminded outlooks on the world.

Friends of the Health Promoters in Australia is the process of being officially established.